Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Report

Last week's garage sale was pretty successful. I sold a lot of stuff and made some cash so that is always good. We needed to get a lot of new clothes (really just Matt and I) before Florida so we went on a shopping spree with the money. Now tonight I will return many of the purchases and keep looking! Riley and I were on a field trip Saturday with my Girl Scout troop and we got a lot of rain! I was soaked by the time we got home from loading and unloading the girls in cars. Riley got her hair cut (thanks Aunt Abby). We love it! She was told she had to wait to chop it off until First Communion and she waited patiently. Here is the new do:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Communion weekend

This last weekend was Riley's First Communion. Matt's parents were able to come up from Missouri for the weekend (it was a really short visit but we are glad they made it). The whole weekend was wonderful. Riley looked beautiful and I cannot believe how much older she seems to us now. I was very proud of her and all the work she did preparing for this wonderful sacrament.

This week is just as busy as last week. We had a Girl Scout meeting last night, the cookies are coming in tomorrow, we are having a garage sale this week and our troop has a field trip on Saturday. I really need to start getting things together for Florida but cannot seem to find the time! Matt is in full "boat" mode and wants it painted and in the water before we leave in 11 days! We will see about that though.

Monday, April 13, 2009


The kids were up bright and early ready to hunt for eggs. We finally gave in around 7:30 or so. They loved looking for the eggs together.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today we were able to spend the day working on the boat. Matt was truly in heaven. He has been waiting so long to start preparing to sail it. We managed to get it cleaned and prepared for paint. We were not able to get as much done as we thought because without running water we had to go back and forth with a bucket to clean it. We also went and cleaned our area by the boat slip because the lady we bought it from had very different taste and we took a garbage bag full of yard decorations away from there today. Nothing went together and we even found a burnt hot dog in the grill that she never came and got. Lucky us...lunch anyone???

Here are the pictures of Matt working and the kids playing. They named their duck/goose friends Sarah and Ernie after the two characters in Harry and the Hendersons (They watched that like 6-7 times last week). They fed them bread and the one got Carter's finger. He could have cared less so I guess it didn't hurt. Then he decided to chase them. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Two days until Facebook!

I just realized that it is only two days until Easter, thus only two days until Facebook (I gave that up for lent). I feel like I have thought about it more the last few days than I did all through lent because people have been talking about it around me a lot lately. But I am really excited that I made it! Although it was spring break this week and I felt like I had no plans, the week flew by and I am so sad it is over. I did accomplish a lot and I am grateful for that but wish I had another week now to just sit on the couch! I would find something else to do knowing me. :( I cleaned the carpets, started setting up for our garage sale, made a bunch of cookies, did a lot of shopping, went to Dr.'s appointments and tiled a backsplash in my mom's new kitchen (with some very appreciated advice/borrowed tools from my dad! THANKS DAD!) I am very proud of myself though because the tile looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I am certainly not taking up a new career since my dad did all of my cutting! :)

The weekend should be very busy as we are planning on painting the boat tomorrow and then celebrating Easter. Here are some pics today.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Surprise for the kids

We started the weekend with an Easter egg hunt at Matt's hotel. It was a lot of fun. A little warmer weather would have been nice but it was still nice. Here are some pics:

Matt hard at work.

And they are off. Cousin Lila and Carter searching for their first egg.

LIla and Tyler got to see the Easter bunny too. They were able to stop to find some eggs in between an Easter Egg hunt in their neighborhood and probably nap time. Papa and Grandma stopped and helped the kids find some eggs too.

Carter warmed up enough to finally just start hugging the Easter bunny.

Then he got Riley into the picture.

Spotting another egg all by himself.

He loved that Riley had walked right past this one!

Both of them still searching.

Yesterday, being Palm Sunday we got up early and went to the early Mass so it was not so busy. It was nice but Carter did not handle the longer Mass well. He was very restless and would not talk quietly. We were not sure really if it was the longer Mass or going earlier that made it harder on him. We went out for breakfast afterward and then ran some errands. When we got home the kids wanted to play Easter egg hunt with the eggs they got the day before. Matt had promised to hide them so when he did we planned our surprise reveal to the kids that they are going to Disney World in a month. We have been struggling with the decision to tell them or just take them to the airport but we decided that half the fun was getting excited about the trip. So then it was a tough decision on when and how. So this is how it went. We hid the first clue in an egg when we hid them. And the rest goes like this:
(There are four parts)