Monday, May 23, 2011

Girls on the Run 5K

My busy daughter has not only been practicing Dutch dance but also training twice a week to run her first 5K in a program at her school called Girls on the Run. She absolutely loved this program! She ran the 5K this past weekend and was lucky to have her Aunt Abby run it with her.
This is the girls before the run

Her awesome coaches and the 4th grade girls from her team

Stretching before the race

She is somewhere in that group of awesome girls!

Here they come...

Still going strong and almost done

After the race


Matt is coaching Carter's Tball team this spring. They are having so much fun together. Unfortunately, my camera batteries died after two pictures so that is all I have right now.

Tulip Time

We spent Riley's one day off of dancing at the parade and carnival during Tulip TIme. A great time was had by all!

Matt asked Riley to come and greet tour buses when they checked into the hotel. Carter was very disappointed that he didn't have a costume to do it with her. I searched and found one for sale in his size so he could help Riley hand out cookies and greet the guests. The way it worked out, Riley had to dance when the first bus arrived so Carter did it by himself. The tour guide had him posing for pictures and he loved it! The second time they both were able to be there so this is a picture of them waiting for the guests to come off the bus. There were 80 people and again they posed for pictures and made a lot of people smile.

More Dutch Dancing

Riley had a great time dancing at Tulip Time this year. The schedule was busy and we spent a lot of time at the festival for her to perform but it was worth it and she definitely learned some life lessons in the process. I loved to see the pride she had when dancing!

Here is Riley's whole dance group.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Carter 's Song

Riley's Crazy Hat Day

I was very proud of Riley because she and a couple of her friends worked to come up with the plan for crazy hat day to raise money for Japan. She made the flyers, approched the principal for permission and is now working on counting the money from the fundraiser. I love seeing the leadership she displays! Here is the hat we made together.