Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Riley's Family Birthday

Fun in the sun...

These were taken a couple weeks ago on one of the last days the girls were here. I am off for the summer and miss my girls!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Double Digits!!!

Riley turned 10! I cannot believe she is already to double digits. Why does time have to go so fast?

She started her birthday weekend with a sleepover with some friends. I had to limit her based on the space we have at this house. I think that was the hardest part!

Riley awaiting her guests...not very patiently!

Scavenger hunt

Opening gifts

Painting their pillow cases


Family fun

Over Memorial Day weekend we celebrated a special birthday with family. The kids had a great time even though the weather was not very good. We were forced inside so the kids made the best of it.

Carter spraying his cousins

The kids quickly playing in the water slide before the storm arrives

The older cousins made up some "Minute to Win It" games for everyone to play

Riley concentrating on her stacking skills

The boys and their cup castle

Memorial Day

Carter and Riley were both in the Memorial Day parade. Carter rode on a float with his kindergarten class and Riley carried a banner for the Korean War Veterans. At the conclusion of the parade, my girl scouts helped place the flags in the cemetery.

Carter ready for the parade to start

Riley ready to go

And she is off!

Marching in for the ceremony at the cemetery

Placing a flag on a grave