Thursday, January 29, 2009

What you don't know about Riley and Carter

1. Her two favorite meals (she loves them both equally) are Mac-n-Cheese and Grilled Cheese with Tomato soup.
2. She rarely eats any meat except turkey and it is only sliced lunch meat that she likes.
3. She is a very good reader and she loves math
4. She is a girl scout and loves that her mom is the leader. (Some days her mom is not so sure she loves it!)
5. Riley is preparing for her First Communion this April.
6. She loves to be able to stay in her pajamas all day long.
7. She wishes she could have a sleep over at grandma's every weekend.
8. She loves to decorate for any holiday.
9. She will only sing when we play Rockband on the Wii.
10. She loves watching her shows...Jon & Kate Plus 8, 17 Kids and Counting, Little People Big World and Extreme Home Makeover.

1. He will try anything to get out of bed when he is suppose to be sleeping.
2. He asks for Peanut Butter and Jelly at every meal.
3. He loves to play the Wii and he is pretty good at it.
4. He has a wonderful sense of humor.
5. He can put a smile on your face the minute you start a conversation with him...something funny always comes out.
6. He hates riding in the cart at the grocery store but he does it anyway. However, he continues asking to walk through the whole store.
7. His favorite toy to play with is his computer.
8. He spends hours doing puzzles.
9. He always tell me "I love you too" when I say I love you. ALWAYS!!! Sometimes I test him just to see. It does not matter what he is doing...he always says it.
10. He tries to sleep in my bed whenever Daddy is gone for work. He always comes in around 4 or 5am and climbs into bed, turns on the electric blanket and curls up. Usually he says "I love you Mommy" even though I never say anything to him.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Soccer and Sledding

I remembered to take some pictures of Riley last week playing soccer so I thought I would share. The weekend was busy. We had soccer Saturday and then dinner at my mom's house. Sunday we went to church and it was really special. We were invited to bring the gifts up to the priest during Mass. Carter really enjoyed it and was smiling the whole time. We all loved it. After church we spent the day at my dad's house playing in the snow and had dinner with the family. It was great seeing all of the kiddos playing together. We had cake for my sister's birthday and the kids loved it as you can see in the pictures.

Funny story from Carter: Everyday at nap I send all the kids to the bathroom before putting them to bed. Carter has been relentless lately with trying to get back out of bed. He knows if he lays still he will actually nap! But anyway today he was screaming "I HAVE TO GO POOOOTTTTTY!" over and over again. I finally went into his room and said "You already went." He replied with "Oh yeah I did." and he laid down, fell asleep and took a two hour nap!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Prom Night

Tonight was Daddy/Daughter prom and Riley and Matt got dressed up and went. They went last year and I truly think that Riley has been looking forward to going again since they got home last year. She loves hanging out with her friends and Matt finds other dads/grandpas/uncles to chat with. She wanted me to do her hair up so we started early. She loved it! I made them spaghetti for dinner and then they got dressed and left. I just got a picture that Matt sent from the dance of Riley with a couple of friends and it looks like they are having fun. They should be home anytime and I am sure Riley will tell us all about it. Carter and I have been playing the Wii and watching his favorite show...Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Riley's Long Weekend

Riley had the day off of school on Friday and she was a busy girl. She was really excited to help me with preschool. I am afraid that I see so much of myself in her as she is bossy and loves playing the teacher! She was really helpful and loved every minute of it.

Saturday she had her first soccer game of this season. She loves playing soccer and to be honest the older she gets the more interesting it gets to watch. She played goalie for one quarter and as most of you know that stresses her mom out. I get so nervous for her! That is exactly why I did not play sports when I was younger. As you can see though I took NO pictures of her playing. I took one picture and it was of Carter...not sure why. I really did watch her play but have no proof.

Today we stayed home and enjoyed the snow. It was so pretty outside and we love watching it snow. We went out to play this afternoon and didn't realize that we were out there for two hours. We had so much fun making "roads" in the yard with the snowblower, we colored in the snow with colored water and then we spent a LONG time building an igloo that turned into a tunnel/slide. It was SOOOOO much fun and it is days like this that I realize how much we LOVE the snow and I would miss it so much if we didn't live here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blog in pictures

The last week has been a little...well...crazy and I have not been posting but here are some photos from the last week.

Carter helped me make pizza last week for dinner and he was really proud of it.

After pizza/movie night the kids wanted to have a sleepover in Carter's new bed. They had talked about it all week and would not let me forget. I told them not on a school night so Friday night they slept in Carter's bed together and this is what we found shortly after putting them in bed.

Carter and Riley played outside with Matt and they built a fort on the deck.

Carter and I spent Monday and Tuesday together without the girls because they were home sick. We spent time doing puzzles and drinking hot cocoa and he thought he was big stuff.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Carter's Big Day

Carter got a big bed today and boy is he excited. We gave him his new bedding for the "big bed" for Christmas and we have been looking for a bed for a month now. We went out looking last night and he fell in love with a captain's bed but they would not sell us the top bed without the one that went underneath...soo...we left without a bed. But the good news is that we came across one today that we got a great deal on and went and picked it up. Here is the boy in his new bed!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

We spent New Year's Eve with the kids and my mom and Dan. We played games and ate lots of good food. Carter and Riley watched movies until midnight and they both managed to stay awake.

Grandma Jennifer and Papa Dan's newest member of the family: Brutus.

New Year's Day we went back to Grandma Jennifer's for dinner. We took all of Carter's GeoTrax and cousin Mason brought all of his so we could combine them to make a really big track. The kids had a blast playing with all of the trains!

Emily decided she wanted to do Riley's hair. Too CUTE!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Carter's soup

Here are some pictures to share of Carter's soup today. He wanted to cook with me so he made soup and he was insistent that the cookie cutters were part of it but they were not staying on. Enjoy!

We went over to see Sadie and Brynn (the girls that I take care of) and Carter was really worn out. This is him when we got home. He fell asleep in the car and then would not wake up. So he napped on the couch in his winter coat.