Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nothing new

I feel like I have not posted in a long time but we really have not had much excitement. Last weekend was fun as Riley and I got to go to a Mother/Daughter thing for Girl Scouts. Cookie sales are over and now we are just waiting for the cookies...it seems like such a long time! My niece and nephew celebrated their 2nd and 4th birthdays here on Saturday so we had a big party at our house. Sunday we did some shopping, went out for lunch and put some more carpet down in the basement. Oh and I cleaned the garage out last week! See what I mean...not much to blog about. :) I don't even have a picture to share of any of it!

Matt is out of town for the first of a couple training sessions he has to attend for his new job. It is only the second night of his trip and I am really appreciating that he is usually home again. I am so glad this is no longer our lifestyle! I truly believe that telling the kids...well at least Carter...that he is not coming home for several days is a mistake. I know the reality of it on my end is that when he knows Dad is not coming home that night to ask how his day was, he could really care less about being good. He is just too smart and I get so frustrated. Tonight he did something to Riley and was sent to timeout...I did the whole walk him to time out and place him and walk away. Riley happened to walk by and notice that he was peeling the paint off of my trim in the hallway. I went in to find a large section of my trim was now bare. He then sat there for 25 minutes and didn't seem to care!!!!! I then tried to just ignore him when he was allowed to get up because I knew that would bother him and I told him when he told me he was sorry that I was very disappointed in him and I was sad and blah, blah, blah so I didn't feel like playing with him then. So I ignored him until he came right up to my face yelling "TALK TO ME MOM!!!" over and over again. I have to say that I tried walking away but after so much of him being a complete goof I cracked a smile. I am human! UGHHH!

Monday, March 23, 2009

More paint, hockey game and a motorcycle

We painted Riley's room this weekend and managed to get it done by Saturday morning. She is very happy with it but she wants polka dots on the walls and I am not sure I can tackle that. I am too picky and it would take me forever to do circles I would be happy with! Saturday evening we went to the Griffins hockey game with Abby and TIm and had a great time. Yesterday we had errands to run after picking up the kids and then we went to my Dad's for dinner. The kids packed their bikes and played with their cousins outside. It was a lot of fun. Both Riley and Carter went for rides with Papa on his motorcycle. They had a blast. Riley has really never been scared by the noise and was asking for a ride. Carter was unsure until Papa got him on and now I think they will be asking for rides every time we are there!

The after pictures of both Riley and Carter's room.

Riding the motorcycle with Papa

Carter using his "digger" he has been so excited to use in Papa's sand!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I really have been doing ok since giving up Facebook for lent. Until OPRAH! I was watching a show on the DVR from last week and I should never have watched it when they said they would be interviewing the founder of Facebook. They were talking about updating status' and getting new friends and showed someone's page with the little light blue number of messages by the inbox, and all of this made me really want to get on there. It just made me wonder how many messages I have or how many new friends are out there that have since joined. UGH! But on the other hand I am very proud of myself that I have not even thought about it really until then. (I cannot check it because Matt put an administrator block on it so no one using our internet can but really I have not tried) The one thing I miss the most as a nosy person is the status updates! So if anyone ever feels like leaving me one in a comment I would love it!! Just kidding.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Paint, a birthday and a retreat

We started the weekend with intentions of painting Carter's room and decided on the paint for the rest of the bedrooms. Yes, after almost 4 years we are finally making decisions and painting. This is what the counter looked like Friday night...a little intimidating to me.

I started his room Saturday morning while Riley and Matt went to check on the boat (now that the snow is gone he needed to look at it). After they found water/ice in the boat they came home to head to Father/Daughter Laser Tag for Girl Scouts. They had a great time all the while I was painting. I did take a break and cook some stuff for dinner Saturday night which was at my mom's. We were celebrating my birthday a week late since I had been sick on the actual day. I had made a comment that I didn't need to celebrate and with that Abby and TIm went to town making it a celebration. When Carter and I arrived (Matt and Riley left laser tag and headed to the Women's Expo where Matt had a booth for the hotel and he was working it) everyone sang Happy Birthday and they had decorated as if I was a three year old! It was really cute. They even decorated the bathroom. We had a great time and when I went to leave we opened the doors of the van to find 50 balloons filling the entire car. The balloons are still haunting me as they are now in the house. I know I could solve my issue by popping them but the kids are having so much fun playing with them. The only thing is that occasionally one will pop and scare the jeepers out of me (yes I said jeepers) and I have honestly tripped and fell once. Here are some photos of the painting in process (I have not taken an after photo yet) and some of the balloons once they were in the house. OH I almost forgot they bought me this very uncomfortable bird looking mask that I was to wear because I was the birthday girl...too bad I have no photos to share of that either!!!!

Sunday was spent at church at a retreat for RIley in preparation for First Communion. She is really starting to get excited about it. We had a nice time and after we left we picked Carter up at Grammy and Papa's. We put his room back together just in time for him to go to bed Sunday night!
Last night Riley and I had a Girl Scout meeting. Only one more week of cookie sales and the girls are almost at their goal. We are very excited about that!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today I finally feel like myself. I actually got dressed and have energy. I did preschool and I am not tired. I will still rest after getting the kids down for nap but it is so nice to start feeling better!!! The real sign that I have been down and out is that Riley brought home a notice yesterday that she had no money in her lunch account and had been two or three days without any. They told her one more day and they would have to just give her a cheese sandwich! I am just really glad to feel like I am on top of things again (Riley is too!).

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Who knew that sneezing could be so painful! I am not sure if it is because the tightness still in my lungs or the muscle spasms but it HURTS so bad to sneeze. I know this is a weird post but really not much else going on. I am feeling better every day. I have been taking it easy. The kids are soooo ready to have preschool again and I think I will tackle that tomorrow. I gave in this morning and made puppy chow...my biggest weakness but I told myself it would make me feel better. :)
Facebook update: I miss reading everyone's status! I don't miss anything else too bad yet but I miss knowing what everyone is up to every day. I will say that I have been reading a lot more! The good news I guess is that I am not constantly thinking about it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Where oh where do I begin?

I truly have good reason that I have been very behind in blogging. I will start with the fact that I ended up in the ER to find out that I had pneumonia. That was 10 days ago. The part that really boggled my mind is that I was not sick at all leading up to it. I had a little cold, runny nose and such but nothing major and I guess I really never knew what the symptoms were. Needless to say after two night of no sleep and severe chest pains I decided it was time to go in. They gave me enough muscle relaxers that I was able to rest. I went home with an antibiotic and some pain meds. They made me sick and I didn't eat for several days. Matt was with me for the first few days and my mom came over during the day to basically run my normal life. She took care of the kids that I watch, did the housework and of course took care of me. I hated being sick. Matt had to leave Wednesday morning for a conference in New Orleans and so mom was then left alone to care for me! Oh and I forgot the best part of all.....I totally overdosed on Benadryl. FYI Do not take the oral pills and completely cover yourself with the topical cream all at the same time...twice in twelve hours. I was not able to make sentences and could not stay awake. What a trip that was!!!! Anyway, I was feeling ok mid week and then started going downhill again. I had a follow up appt with my Dr where I learned that the pneumonia was still prevalent in my lungs but the pain I was in was caused by muscle spasms. So, then she added Valium to the list of drugs I was on and started another antibiotic. I would like to report that I am all better but I cannot. I am really sick of sitting around and doing nothing. Today I made lunch for the kids and paid some bills and now I am paying the price. I am back in my chair with some pain. I know I cannot over do it or I will end up sick all over again but really I am losing my mind. To top it all off I gave up Facebook for lent and I cannot spend my time on there being nosy!!! What to do. Here is a picture of my life over the last ten days.

Yesterday was also my birthday and again giving up Facebook meant that I could not look forward to any birthday wishes. I know that sounds selfish but I was looking forward to getting several messages in one day. Oh well. We went to church (I had to get out of the house and it was a special day for Riley as she is preparing for First Communion) and then I managed to go out for dinner to celebrate my birthday at El Rancho. I was exhausted by the end of dinner and we came home so I could sleep. After a long nap the kids made me brownies and we spent the evening at home. It was really nice.

Here are some other random photos from that last few days. Riley was a little tired and barely finished her ice cream before crashing on the couch. The others are of the kids playing outside as I watched from inside today. I SOOOO wish I could be out there with them!