Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy Weekend

What a busy few days! This week was our annual Charity Garage Sale that we have every year at my aunts. We raised around $1500 this year! It was so much fun and I was disappointed that I had other obligations. Riley and I had an overnight planned with my Girl Scouts at a horse camp and Carter and Matt were having a sleepover at a ballpark. I don't have any pictures of the ballpark overnight but I know they had fun. They went to the game, watched fireworks, got to see a movie on the field and slept in the outfield (well, they didnt get much sleep as everyone stayed up late, the ground was hard as a rock and the lights were not turned off until 3:30 or so.)

Riley and I had a great time as well. We learned how to ride horses, saddle them ourselves, groom them and we even got to ride the horses to round up cattle!

Monday, August 22, 2011


We are in the new house. What a week...

Last Tuesday, Matt was in a car accident and totalled his car. We are down to one vehicle as we wait for the insurance company. Matt is thankfully ok. I am a little nervous to see what the 3rd bad thing is since they typically happen in 3's! (1. Separating shoulder in shallow water, 2. car accident, 3 ?????).

Friday we moved. A little late, but we moved. We waited almost 3 hours for the owners to leave after they said they would be gone. I will never forget the woman walking around "MY" house eating a blueberry pie that she didnt want to throw away instead of packing her stuff and getting the heck out!

Everything is here at the new house and we are starting to get settled. We have a busy week ahead!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Today we leave our home in Borculo. We have a week before we can move into our beautiful new home so we head to Dad and Phyllis' for the week. It will be like a mini-vacation. No boxes to pack or unpack so I will enjoy it! While packing up our home we have been in for the last 6 years, I have been purging. I know we still have a lot of stuff and I am sure i will hear about it when we move it all :)

We will certainly miss this house. We will miss the Soft Spot, the fenced in yard, some of the neighbors ;), and the kids will miss their friends. We have outgrown the house and are truly ready to move. We could not have been luckier in the sense that someone knocked on our door and "asked" to buy our home. The new owners have become great friends and we will be forever grateful to them.

Next week we get to start the final step of this process. I cannot express the excitement we have for getting into the new house. We put the offer in at the beginning of June and have had a long summer of waiting. Lots of sleepless nights for sure. So glad it all worked out. I know all 4 of us are excited for more space! I will be able to walk around my bed and have closet space...silly little things I look forward to. Really, I am hoping Matt is healed enough to help carry the heavy stuff! He separated his shoulder a couple weeks ago so he is a "maybe" for the whole lifting part. Luckily, we have wonderful family and friends who are offering to help us.

Well, a week from now I will hopefully be able to post that we are moved!

Friday, August 5, 2011


We spent the day at the fair with some cousins and had a great time!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Off to camp she goes....

Riley went to resident camp for Girl Scouts this summer. We were both a little apprehensive about her being gone for a week the first time she went but deep down I knew she could handle it.

It happened to be the hottest week of the summer but she survived the heat wave with lots of swimming. She had an awesome time and met some wonderful friends. However, she came home with no ones email, address or number so I guess they were not that great! HAHA She said she didn't think about it. Most importantly she made some lifelong memories that she can cherish.