Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our most recent project...still in progress

Last weekend we started our landscaping project in the front of our house. Here is the first stages of the brick work. We spent Sat and Sun building the new wall.

Of course we had to have break time!

Since my tulips were going to soon be buried when we filled the wall area with dirt, I cut them and brought them in the house. This is what they looked like an hour after putting them in the house. They were opened almost flat and just beautiful!!! I could not believe they were tulips.

The dirt arrived last night and the kids thought it was going to be all fun!

We spent the morning today moving that 7 yards of dirt. The kids realized the dirt was not all that fun when we were shoveling! I will get more pictures soon when we have the plants and bark in place.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Both kids started Tae Kwon Do classes last night and I was pleasantly surprised at how well they both did. I knew how excited they were to start but knew the nerves would set in when we got there. Both of them were awesome! Carter's class is all beginners so he fit right in but Riley's class was mostly kids in uniform and she was feeling really left out. I really thought she was going to have a melt down and want to leave but a friend from school walked in and then she was right out there. The class introduced themselves to her and made sure she knew what they were doing. It was really cool to see. I am so excited to see the growth in my children based on what I saw in the kids who have been in it for a while. I forgot the camera in the car so I will get some photos next week!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Playing in the Woods

Yesterday we spent the day up at the cabin playing in the woods. Abby and Tim invited to go up with them for the day so we went. Matt had to work so it was just the kids and I. The kids played on their toys, we shot some guns and Riley and Mason shot their bows. Reagan RAN around for hours having a blast. It was such a nice day.

We had Mason and Emily over night Friday night so I want to include a picture from that. The kids all insisted on putting their pajamas on and getting their beds made at 6pm. We had not even had dinner yet and they were all ready for bed. Needless to say, it was after 9 before they did go to bed but they posed for a cute picture anyway.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Trip to Missouri

We went to Missouri to visit family for Easter. We left last Thursday and drove to Normal, IL where we stopped at a hotel for the night. The kids were able to go swimming both that night and then again in the morning before breakfast. We had a nice breakfast and then hit the road for Grandma and Papa's house. We got there mid-afternoon and other family arrived soon after. We spent Saturday in the Branson area. Sunday was a wonderful day. We spent the morning doing the Easter Bunny thing, had a nice dinner, got in some naps and then played some "washers." We held the 1st Annual Easter Washers Cup and I believe the winners were Uncle David and Uncle Jim. It was a wonderful way to celebrate Easter with such great family! Monday we were able to visit some friends and had lunch with Grandma at work. Matt insisted that he have Cashew Chicken while we were there so we had Chinese for dinner. He was in heaven! We came home yesterday and stopped in St. Louis on the way. We wanted to take the kids to the Arch and go to the top. Despite the several places on the website that told me to reserve our tickets early, I didnt listen and when we arrived the tickets we wanted were gone. SO, we just walked around and maybe someday we will go to the top. It was not meant to be this time! We had a safe trip and returned home to a dog that missed us. She spent the weekend with Aunt Abby and Uncle Tim. She was spoiled rotten and is now having to get back to reality. We did come home to a wet basement and a broken water heater! Hopefully we can both of those situations fixed very soon!