Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Red Baron

Tonight after Matt got back into town we drove up to look at the new boat, The Red Baron. I had only seen it once before and the previous owner had cleaned it up so I wanted to see it. It looked so much better but we still will do a lot of fixing/cleaning in the spring. I am really looking forward to that actually. The kids had a ball and love running around and finding places to hide and play. Here are just a few pictures I was able to get as it got dark shortly after we got there.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend I went on a bus trip to Chicago with my mom, sister and aunt. We had a nice time and it was great to get away with just us girls. We did some shopping, eating and saw Dirty Dancing. On the way home today we stopped in Michigan City to shop at the outlets. When I got home we carved pumpkins and the kids had a good time. While I was away Matt purchased the boat that I posted a couple weeks ago (the red one). The deal worked out great, she took our boat as part of the deal so we do not have to sell it. That was a relief. The boat is up in Muskegon and is coming out of the water next Saturday. Matt is so excited. He is going to watch them take it out next week and plans on getting some pictures too. Here are some pics from this weekend.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last night we made caramel apples. We picked 42 pounds of apples this year and had not made the caramel apples and since Riley counted only 9 apples left we thought it was time. The plan was to get them made and while they hardened we would eat dinner. But Uncle Tim called because he shot a deer and we wanted to go see it. So we decided we would eat the apples tonight instead. We will have to let you know how good they are later!

These are some photos from helping Uncle Tim find his deer. The kids loved it and the last two are them watching him take care of the deer. It was funny to watch their faces.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Where does a weekend go?

This was another busy weekend that felt like it flew by. I always wonder where the time goes. This weekend was no different. Saturday we had a craft show in Grandville and since most of you can not make it to one of our shows I thought I would include some photos of our booth and hard work!

Saturday night we made pizza and watched a movie with the kids. They loved making their own pizza for dinner. Carter just enjoyed rolling flour and what a mess he made. I thought Riley was getting daring because she put sausage on her pizza (for those who don't know RIley only likes turkey meat) but after her pizza came out she was quickly disappointed when the sausage did not flatten into pepperoni (which I didn't know she liked anyway!).

Sunday we had our family pictures taken. Carter acted like a true 3 year old boy and did not want to stand still, he wanted to collect "pine corns" and play in the woods. Riley did a nice job even though she was cold. A week ago when we did our first shoot we were sweating because the weather was too hot and we were dressed for our fall picture. Then this week we did it early in the day and it was cold!

The rest of the family pictures are on Abby's Photography Blog

This morning Carter was sitting on the floor playing and first he was the teacher but then they changed roles. In this video he is the student and watch him when he scratches his head. The real funny part is that Carter almost never gets his colors right when I ask him but I know he knows them! This is my proof! (He didn't know I was watching them).

Last but not least here are some photos of preschool last week. The kids had to collect some leaves outside.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beautiful day to be outside!

What a wonderful day it was today. It was a nice treat that's for sure. We started out the day at Rileys soccer game. I was able to make it to two games of her season(craft shows take up my Saturdays in the fall). I saw the first one and then today and I cannot believe the difference in the girls! Riley did an awesome job. She ALMOST scored a goal. She is just so much better at following the ball and being aggressive. It makes it fun to watch.

When soccer was over we had lunch and had to make one last stop at the Soft Spot (the ice cream shop by our house) because today was the last day they were open for the year. We were headed to Muskegon to check out a sailboat we are interested in buying. So we got our ice cream and went for a ride. Here is a picture of the boat.

Tomorrow after church Abby is taking our family picture. I am a little worried about the fact that I planned on the weather being cool so we are wearing heavy clothing and now the forecast is high 70's. It will make for great memories when we run to the car to throw on Tshirts after wearing sweaters for the pictures. I will share some of the pics later. Off to bed now!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why do we buy expensive toys?

This is Carter's favorite new game.

Weekend Update

I have decided that it was easier blogging in the summer time. I have not been taking pictures and when I don't there is not much to share with everyone. :(
Matt was home Thursday through Sunday this weekend and it was nice. Riley had to go to the dentist on Thursday because she had cavities that needed to be filled. When she was 4 she went through this and the dentist drilled and never filled the cavities because Riley was screaming/crying. The dentist was terrible and would not comfort her or reassure her so it went from bad to worse. She actually went and got another dentist and told him to finish her! He wouldn't either so we left. So, needless to say we were worried about this visit and she did great! No numbing and she was awesome. She got a chocolate shake and headed to school.

Saturday Riley was suppose to have a make-up soccer game and unfortunately the two teams were told two different locations so there was NO GAME! Riley spent the rest of the day with her cousin from Chicago. I was at another craft show up near Muskegon. We had another great show. We had our first ever customer to spend over $100 at our booth. Seriously, she bought a lot of stuff! It was awesome!

Today we went to pick Riley up and had dinner at Dad and Phyllis'. It was a wonderful meal and we had a nice afternoon. The kids had a great time playing with their cousins. Matt had to be at the airport late afternoon so I cleaned the house after he left! Exciting stuff I know.
Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Carter and cousin Tyler playing together and actually staying out of trouble. Good for boys!