Monday, September 29, 2008

Another busy weekend

Friday we all went to set up for our craft show Saturday. It was in Zeeland so the whole family came along to help and then we went swimming in the dark. We swam every day that we could while it was open.
Saturday I had a craft show and Riley had soccer. Matt and Carter went and got their haircuts. They came to visit us at the craft show. Riley wanted to stay because she loves helping out. However, our space was really small and we did not have room. It was unfortunate because we are not usually that close to home where Matt could bring her by for a while. Oh well. Saturday night we celebrated my mom's birthday.
Sunday we went to Crane's to pick apples. We brought home 42 pounds of apples. The sad thing is that I know by looking at the bags we did not pick enough! Carter really loved getting under the trees and looking up for apples. Riley was all about eating and picking at the same time. Carter also brought his binoculars to take pictures. He thinks they are his camera. He took some pictures with his camera. After picking apples we went to the pool for one last swim before it gets closed. I believe the pool is going to be closed tomorrow. Carter is already wondering when it will be open again.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Finally some pictures from the pool

Here are the pictures from our week of swimming. We only have a couple more days left this year. I am not sure what my kids will do next week. Riley gets off the bus and instead of hello I get "Are we going swimming?"

We are so excited to have a pool back in our life!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No pictures

I cannot believe that I have not taken any pictures in a week. We were so busy last week and weekend that I didn't even think of it. We had our first craft show of the year last Saturday in Hudsonville. So last week every spare minute was spent preparing for that. The show was the best one we have ever had and we sold a lot of stuff. We have another show this coming weekend so again this week I am busy with making more stuff to sell. The rest of the time was spent in the new pool. As long as the weather permits us we are going to spend every chance swimming at my mom's. THe pool was finished last week and we have been there I think every day since. I am glad my kids are as much a water rat as I am. The weather this week looks good so we will have a few more days of swimming. I will try to remember the camera tonight to have some pictures to share. I have kids coming soon and preschool to teach later so I have to cut this short but I knew I had been slacking on the blog so wanted to quick update.
More soon...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rainy Weekend

We spent the weekend indoors because of all of the rain. I have not had my camera out in several days so I have no pictures to share. I did help Abby with a wedding yesterday and that was fun. Riley's soccer game was cancelled and we spent the afternoon at home playing inside. The kids played Wii boxing last night(there are only a couple games we let Carter play) and Carter knocked Riley out!! It was really funny. I wish I would have been videotaping him because he was so excited. Riley is almost undefeated and she could not believe that he beat her. Today after church, Riley and I went and did some shopping before heading over to my moms to get some things ready for our first craft show of the year. We have a lot to do before next Saturday. I never understand why we are not ready when we have all year to get ready! But...after three years we are still hurrying to get it all done.

Funny Moments from the weekend:

Riley-Telling her brother that some guy walking down the side of the road is really their dad and Matt is just the "mystery man" married to their mother while riding in the truck with Papa and Grandma.

Carter-Wanting to give a friend his broken toy snake for her birthday because she broke it and he was upset. Of course he wanted to give her the tail because it was the small piece after she broke it into two pieces.

Aunt Abby jumping into the pool when the water was only 65 degrees and it was raining. If only I had some pictures to share!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Saturday was Riley's first outdoor soccer game. She was a little unsure because their first practice was disrupted by the Varsity team who needed the field so they kicked for a little while in a patch of grass they could find. The second practice was cancelled for rain. So, since they had not even gone over the rules of the game, the girls did well!

Riley was definitely not prepared for the amount of running! She is used to playing indoor soccer. The worst part about this picture is that I took her directly to three hours of cheerleading! We ran to the van, changed in the car and drove across the street to drop her off. I forcing water into her on the way into the school.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Deal of the Day

Today I hit some garage sales and I have to brag about my deal...really I am rubbing it into a certain someone that I got this deal. Sorry Abby. No actually I had to post this picture of Carter because he loves his new coat and I only paid 75 cents!!!!! I really was not very courteous to Abby when I found it, because I grabbed it up and never turned back. I think I need to find Mason a coat now because I feel so bad from taking it from him. Anyways, here is the picture of him watching TV in his new coat this afternoon.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of School

It was the first day of school for RIley and Carter as well. Riley really likes her 2nd grade teacher because she gave homework but it was not due the next day. That was a big deal to her. Carter is adjusting to this week really hard. He had a busy weekend with little sleep and now there are all new kids at our house every day. Hopefully he will get back to himself soon. He did enjoy his first day of preschool but would not stay in his seat. Today he did much better and had a good time.

Weekend in MO

We spent the holiday weekend in Missouri with Matt's family. His grandmother turns 90 today and we went for her birthday party. It was a wonderful time. We got to see family from far away and some that I had never met. It really was a wonderful time. I wish we would have had more time to see Grandma herself...with that much company it is hard to visit with the birthday girl. She is one of 15 children and there are four still living. One of the pictures is of her and her three sisters.