Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whoa! Busy couple of days!

The kids have celebrated two wonderful milestones this week. Riley bridged to Junior Girl Scouts last night and Carter graduated from preschool tonight!

Since I am the leader of our troop, I spent a lot of time preparing for the ceremony we held last night. I enjoyed it all but it was like throwing a birthday party and the closer it got the more ideas I came up with. So the list just kept growing! But anyway, I truly enjoyed all the work and the girls made me very proud. I have been their leader for three years now and we have made some great memories.

I do believe we got some video and I will add that later.

When we got home last night I told Carter he was getting a haircut. He asked me for a Mohawk, whether it was his idea or his sisters, he still wanted it. So I agreed to cut it like that for school this morning because it was his last day. BUT, and I was sticking to this...I was cutting it off before his graduation program tonight. He let me but I did get some pictures today to share.
This is my preschooler on his last day of school.

Tonight was Carter's graduation ceremony. I don't have very many photos to share because I was mostly videotaping for Gma and Papa Hughes in Missouri. I will post the videos very soon! But here are some photos of Carter with some very special people; Mrs. Pung, Mrs. Geri and of course, his cousin Mason. I know the boys have a stronger relationship and great memories of being in school together!

Lastly, I have been waiting for the girls to discover this for a while now. About two months ago I ordered matching dresses for Riley and Emily. Riley is always talking about getting things to match and when I saw them and could get them in both sizes I ordered them. FINALLY, tonight I was able to make it happen. Neither of them knew the other had the dress so when we got to the graduation and they saw each other it was a cute discovery! It was really cute. So here is a picture of two of the cutest girls I know!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Tae Kwon Do pics

Update on landscaping project

Well, the landscaping project is almost finished. I just need to decide on some more bushes, tress, flowers, etc. to plant. But wanted to share a picture of the progress.

Last weekend we also tackled our other big project for the house this spring. We fenced in the backyard for the dog. She is so much happier being able to run free and I don't have to worry about her. I love it. It was a long two days of really hard work but it was worth every minute.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day to Forget

Today is a day I would like to forget.

Riley had a half day today and was supposed to be home around 12:15. Well, that time came and went and still no bus. In the past when they have bus evacuation drills they are about 10 minutes late but I thought today would be a weird day to do that. However, I still was not worried too much until my friend got here to pick up her girls at which Riley was still not here and was over 15 minutes late. I asked my friend if she saw an accident to which she replied...Yes! I then said...was there a bus to which she replied...Yes! Ok so then I got worried until she said "But it was going the other way!" It could not be Riley's if it was heading the other way or at least Riley would not have been on it. SO, in the end 30 minutes later Riley was still not home and I had convinced myself that she was at school waiting for a replacement bus because her bus had been in an accident on its way to pick her up. At the point of 35 minutes late, a bus pulled up and Riley got off. I asked her if her bus driver was ok and she didnt know how I knew her bus was in an accident. She started telling me the story and again I asked if her bus driver was ok and Riley said, "Yea, Mom, we are all fine!" WHAT??? She was on the bus????

My heart dropped but then I snapped back to reality to see she was fine because she was in front of me. :) Her driver had missed a stop for a child who only occasionally rides and turned around to go back to drop him off (hence why they were going the wrong way and heading away from our house). She was stopping to drop him off when they were rear ended. Riley was in the second to last seat and was only jolted a little in her seat. Her driver is like Riley's favorite person in the world and she was most worried about her bus driver and what the people were saying. I tried to explain to her that when people do something wrong and do not want a ticket they will point blame. So, she said it was scary but her driver made sure they were ok and luckily there were only 7 students on the bus today! What a blessing!

After a couple hours at home, she finally relaxed and calmed down. Since most of the kids in the neighborhood didn't ride the bus home today she had to head out and spread her story. It was actually really cute. She just keeps saying to me that she is glad everyone is ok so she is constantly thinking about it. I am also glad that everyone is ok but I would like to go to bed and wake up tomorrow and forget today ever happened.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tulip Time 2010

Well, it has been a long day. We went to the parade (we always do the Wed. parade) with my mom, my sister, my niece and nephew. We went early to eat some junk food for lunch too. Grandma Phyllis and Uncle Tim work down there and stopped by to say hi. After the parade we took the kids to the carnival with intentions of riding a few rides. Well, we ended up with 5 wrist bands for the price of 4 (Thanks to Grandma Jennifer working her magic) and didn't leave until about 5. We went home long enough for Matt to get there and then went back to have some more junk food for dinner! I even managed to get the wrist band off my mom's wrist and onto mine for the evening (Yes, I am dutch). So we ended back downtown until after 10pm. I know it is a school night but Riley only has a half day tomorrow. We can all take a rest in the afternoon.

Anyway, I really am not afraid of rides and will try anything. Tonight I met the ride I will NEVER do again! The FireBall. Ummm...yea, my daughter just told me when I tucked her in that it was nothing and she needs to find something more challenging. Well I met my match and didn't like it!! I still feel like I am going to be sick and it was at least 4 hours ago that I rode it! I still went on every other ride there and that probably didn't help but I blame the FireBall!!! YIKES!!!

Matt offended a worker by calling him a "carni" so that was really funny. He didn't even realize the guy heard him or even that he was there. But Tim and I agreed that he was offended by the look he gave Matt when he made his comment. :)
We unfortunately ended the night with a little girl in tears because she fell pretty hard getting of a ride. She was bleeding in three places, hit her face and hurt her wrist. She was still crying when we got home which reassured me that she was exhausted but had a great time anyway. I love when we can spend a day making such wonderful memories!

Oh, and it was a special day for my van too...

(I know my dad is proud that I posted this!!)

You know your family is very busy when....

Your son falls asleep face down in a chair.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Week in Review

I was really busy again last week so here goes another "week in review".

Last Monday I took my Girl Scout troop on a field trip to Paint A Pot which is a place you can go paint your own stuff and they fire and glaze it. We will be bridging to Juniors this year so I wanted them to make a plate to have as a Brownie keepsake.

Here is Riley working on her plate.

Tuesday: Tae Kwon Do...I recorded several videos during their classes and during the upload they disappeared! I guess I will try again this week :)

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday...garage sale! We sold a lot of stuff but I was really tired by Friday night! I packed everything up and finally came in the house around 8:30. It was nice to get rid of the stuff and really nice to have the garage back :)

Saturday was the Dandelion Festival in Borculo. I took the kids because Matt had to be at work. They had a great time as usual. I bought them an elephant ear to eat while we watched the parade. Carter did not want to try it but I convinced him. After he took a bite he said he was surprised it was good because he thought it would be yucky. It was at that moment that it made sense why he didnt want to try it...he thought is was a REAL elephant ear!

Sunday we had to work on our "to do" list. We are in the process of so many projects right now that something has to be worked on whenever we get the chance. We need to get more dirt to finish the front yard landscaping and then order the bark and some plants. I am putting some landscaping bricks around the rest of the house and we have 29 sections of fence sitting in the neighbors driveway waiting to be put in. So, Matt spent two hours returning and exchanging broken fence pieces to Home Depot and bricks at Menards. Lets just say after wasting two hours of the day on a silly return we no longer are fans of either store (sorry for those who may work there or have ties but we are no longer customers). Finding someone at HD that can answer a question is like winning the lotto and Menards treats their lumber area like the White House with their security. Matt was accused of stealing the crappy fence sections that he bought at HD when he tried to leave with the bricks he was getting from Menards. He had the HD receipt but that didnt matter. They don't even sell the same fence! UGH!!! Anyway, we will continue to be loyal Lowes customers from now on :)

The rest of the day we spent working up at the boat. We got it uncovered and worked on the engine a little bit. Only a few boats were in the water so that helped Matt relax. He feels really behind on getting the boat ready because last year we had already been painting and prepping it for the water. Hopefully it will be in the water within the next couple weeks.