Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Last night, I woke up to a rather intense storm. As I turned on the tv to find out how bad it was, I was startled to find out that a tornado warning was issued. The thunder/lightning was really intense. I was waiting for the kids to come out of their bedrooms and join me while I watched tv, hoping to see where the tornado was, but they didn't. They slept through the whole thing. Reagan was in the back of my closet whining because she was scared. I have to admit I was nervous. I was home alone since Matt is out of town for business, and I could not decide if I should wake the kids and get them in the basement or let them sleep and listen to the tv to know what to do. Since we all had been sick, I was exhausted and thought about the fact that once I woke them, I would be up for a while! So I let them sleep! Luckily, we only had a little damage and no tornado.

This umbrella was ripped and we needed to replace it anyway so it was no big loss.

Riley's busy week

Last week Riley also had volleyball camp. However, it is really hard for me to ever get good pictures in this gym.

At the end of the week, she had her birthday sleepover with some friends from school. The girls swam at grandma's pool all afternoon, cooked their dinner on the fire and had a lot of fun. I really could not ask for Riley to have better friends. It was really easy and Carter really behaved well, leaving them alone to do what they wanted. I think everyone had a good time.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Basketball Camp

Carter spent his mornings this week at basketball camp.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A day late...Happy Birthday Riley!

Yesterday was Riley's 9th birthday. I know everyone says this but I have to reiterate it...I cannot believe she is 9 already. This year was harder than most because there are no more "buffer" years before she turns 10!!! I am not ready for her to be in her double digits. :( SHe had a special breakfast, went shopping with Grandma Phyllis for some birthday clothes, and then came home for her birthday party. It was a great day and I hope she knows how special she is to her dad and I!!! Love you Riley and Happy 9th Birthday!!!!

Her special breakfast

Her cake is supposed to say Happy 9th Birthday, but her Aunt Abby thought it was funny to turn the 9 around to make a 6. I didn't realize this until after the cake was eaten. So, all the pictures say Happy 6th Birthday :) We all were in agreement that we would be happy if she was 6 again!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Friday afternoon I got a new sister in law!!! Congrats to Nathan and Cynthia who were married on Friday. I certainly wish I could have been there but Matt was able to fly down to New Orleans to be a part of their special day.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Toddler T-Ball

Carter had his first t-ball game tonight. He is playing Toddler Tball which is new here. He is signed up to play with a parent. There are no coaches and they are really just learning in a team setting. It is sooo awesome! I absolutely love the idea and he had so much fun. Matt plans on playing with him but he is out of town and Papa Ron filled in for him tonight. I think Carter and Papa both really had a good time.