Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Camping at Yankee Springs

We went camping this last weekend with the new camper for the first time. Let me just say I cannot get over how much easier it is to take that than it is to take the tent. The plan was for me to get the camper hooked up and meet Matt south of GR. However, once I got it hooked up we had no lights. Jason and I worked on it until we got them working but they were dim...after several phone calls to dads, we figured out the problem and fixed it temporarily. We had no problems getting there/driving with the camper. The weather was beautiful. We camp at Yankee Springs in the rustic campground. We love it there because the campground is huge, we can make reservations for what we want and it is only 45 minutes from home. Saturday we went hiking and if I remember right from last year, the trail we did was about 2.5 miles. The kids BOTH walked and loved it. They climbed some trees and had a blast. We went over to the beach on Gun Lake and swam in the afternoon. I tried to take pictures there but it was so windy that even our chair would blow over when I was not sitting in it. So needless to say I sat and held down the fort while the rest swam. I read a little and then decided to deflate the toys so I could swim too! Sunday we packed up after breakfast and came home. We worked on the bathroom a little, cleaned the cars and then Dad and Phyllis came over for dinner. We have not had such a relaxing weekend in a long time. The only thing we thought was missing was the sailboat. We need to get a new car so we can pull two things at once! :)

Here are some photos from the weekend. I tried to narrow it down!

We made omelets in a bag for breakfast the first day and this is us making them.

Our hike and some tree climbing.


Lynette said...

How fun! And Rustic too... you are REAL campers! :) Looks like you had a great time!

TheGeerlings said...

"Mom, Carter in that tree?"

"Yes, he's climbing it."


Oh, how I hope this isn't the beginning of the WHY phase! Glad you guys had a nice relaxing time!