Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Carter's first day of school

Carter started school today and I was so excited for him. I was nervous that he would have some anxiety about being there without me after his reaction at the Open House. That night he got really shy and would not talk to his teacher and he just hung onto my legs and covered his face. Today however he was in the car with his backpack ten minutes before I was ready to leave waiting for me. When we got there her got a little hesitant when we went into the school and I got worried. However, as soon as we got to his locker and then into the classroom he was asking me when I was leaving. So my worries were for nothing and he had a great day. Abby and I took the boys out to lunch after school because they did so wonderful on their first day of school! I cannot believe that time is here already. Here is my big boy.

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